Great value 3-star hotel close to Paddington and Hyde Park

Modern and great value for money hotel – conveniently close to the bars and restaurants of Edgware Road, historic Marble Arch and shopping paradise Oxford Street.

Star Rating: ***
User Rating: 80 (from 2645 reviews)
Hotel ID: 4689499

Explore The Local Area:


  • Royal Lancaster London (0.4 mi, London W2 2TY)
  • Alan Herdman Pilates (0.5 mi, London W2 2HF)
  • The Transformers Bootcamp (0.6 mi, Marylebone, London W1H 2DD)
  • Xen-Do Martial Arts (0.7 mi, Seymour Place, Marylebone, Marylebone, London W1H 5TJ)
  • The Gym Way (0.7 mi, Marylebone, London W1H 7AB)

Hair Salon:

  • Fe Hair and Beauty (0.3 mi, London W2 2AW)
  • Hair London (0.4 mi, London W2 3BP)
  • Root (0.4 mi, London W2 2HX)
  • Raoul Wig Makers (0.5 mi, London W2 3QA)
  • Headmasters Paddington (0.6 mi, 2 Praed St, Paddington, London W2 1JX)


  • Physio Visit (0.3 mi, UK)
  • FORM CLINIC (Marble Arch) (0.4 mi, Marylebone, London W1H 5PW)
  • Davids Ruth (0.5 mi, Marylebone, London W1H 7PF)
  • Fraser PT (0.7 mi, Marylebone, London W1H 7BG)
  • Physiotherapy London (Marble Arch & Canary Wharf) (0.7 mi, Paddington, London W1H 7AB)


  • RebornUKmassage ( London W2 2TH)
  • Medicetics (0.3 mi, London W2 2AZ)
  • Portsea Sauna (0.4 mi, London W2 2BL)
  • Hua Ren Tang (0.4 mi, London W2 2EH)
  • Yu Yi (0.6 mi, Paddington, London W2 2HR)

Hotel Facilities:


Room Air Conditioning
24-hour reception / front desk
Wireless Internet access

Reception Services

Luggage room